What can I do about plantar fasciitis?

There are a number of conditions that cause pain on the bottom of your heel. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis, which affects approximately 1 in 10 people. The plantar fascia is a ligament-like structure that runs from the bottom of the heel to the ball of the foot, and helps to support the arch. Plantar fasciitis is characterised by a sharp pain when first getting out of bed in the morning, which reduces with walking. However, the pain may return at the end of the day, and be just as painful as the morning pain. Risk factors for plantar fasciitis include being overweight, increased time spent standing and a decreased ankle joint range of motion. These risk factors all place extra s

The aaaaagh sign

Unfortunately for some people, shoes can be a pain. Finding properly fitting shoes that look good, and aren't uncomfortable, can be a difficult task. The picture below (Sketch A) highlights what tends to gradually happen to our feet (especially around the toes) when we wear shoes that are fitted poorly. Sketch B is a foot that has never worn shoes. Most of us will probably lie somewhere in between these two images, as it's difficult to walk around town for the rest of our lives without wearing shoes. So how are we to know whether our shoes are too tight for our feet? A great sign is when you take your shoes off and say aaaaagh! It's likely that your shoes are too tight if this is happening,

What are orthotics, and how do I know what to get?

Orthotics are a common treatment used for a variety of conditions. Broadly, there are two categories of orthotics provided by podiatrists, prefabricated and customised. Prefabricated orthotics are mass produced and sized to fit a person's foot. There are a very wide variety of prefabricated orthotics that are manufactured, with some being better than others. For most people, prefabricated orthotics that are correctly fitted can be very effective to reduce pain and improve function (e.g. for short term conditions). Customised orthotics are made by taking either a mould, an impression or a laser scan of a person's feet. This is then combined with a prescription by a podiatrist, that specifies

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