A neuroma (commonly called 'Morton's Neuroma') is a condition of the foot involving the nerves that run in between the metatarsal bones. It is caused by an enlargement of the nerve as a result of compression, and most commonly occurs in the 3rd webspace. This enlargement causes pain that may radiate down to the toes, cause pins and needles or numbness, and may be exacerbated by tighter footwear.


As this condition is most likely caused by compression, decompressing the area is the main goal of treatment. Initial treatment may involve a simple change to wider footwear or padding to help spread the metatarsal bones. If this fails, orthoses are used to provide decompression, and to control biomechanical issues that may be exacerbating the pain. In non-responsive cases, corticosteroid and local anaesthetic injections can be used, and a final treatment option may involve surgical excision of the neuroma. 

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