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How to choose running shoes

In terms of equipment, the appropriateness of your running shoes are probably going to make the biggest difference to the enjoyment you get from running. This blog has been written by our friend Chris Wright from The Running Company in Clifton Hill.

There are different opinions about how to choose the most appropriate running shoe, and for the runner, this leads to confusion when deciding what shoe to purchase.

Here are a few considerations when choosing running shoes:

  1. Comfort should be your most important consideration. Comfort can only be determined by trying shoes on.

  2. Expensive shoes aren't necessarily better. More expensive shoes typically contain more features or technologies, however these may, or may not, benefit you.

  3. Your running shoe should be a bigger size than most other shoes you own to avoid restricting the movement of your foot.

  4. Be wary of taking a recommendation from someone else about a particular model of shoe. Everyone has different shaped feet and running mechanics. Just because a shoe is great for your running partner doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

If you are in our favourite neighbourhood (the good old inner north of Melbourne) and would like some advice about running shoes, please give Chris a visit at The Running Company. Check out their website www.therunningcompany.com.au and they are also on Instagram and Facebook.

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