Shockwave therapy is an exciting new therapy aimed at treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Shockwave therapy is used to stimulate healing in people suffering chronic pain (i.e. longer than 3 months). Clincal trials have demonstrated that shockwave therapy can reduce chronic plantar fasciitis in 70-80% of patients.


Shockwave therapy works by delivering high energy soundwaves through the handpiece. These soundwaves activate your body's self healing process through increased metabolic activity, improved blood circulation and the formation of new blood vessels.


Benefits of this treatment include:​

  • affordable

  • very safe

  • non invasive

  • reductions in pain often felt immediately


Shockwave therapy helps for a variety of chronic conditions that cause foot pain. One of the best uses of shockwave therapy is to reduce pain and help you return to sport or activities. The podiatrists at Fitzroy Foot and Ankle Clinic focus on treating the following conditions with shockwave therapy:


The podiatrists at Fitzroy Foot and Ankle Clinic have undertaken extensive training in the use of shockwave therapy. For more information on shockwave therapy call the Clinic on 03 9485 8000 or book online.

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